Malware is one of the most critical threats to our system. It could be servers, laptops, desktops, and nowadays, even smartphones are prone to risks possessed by malware. It has been around longer than the age of the Internet. It is the most significant threat to website owners, developers, and internet users these days.

You cannot fight something that old with the same old techniques. As the malware evolve, the methods to fight against them have also changed.

Let us start the discussion by understanding malware.

What is Malware?

Malware is a software that is installed to invade privacy, steal data or perform any other unethical activity on your system. It helps in causing damage or gaining access to your system.

Fun fact: Malware is short for malicious software.

Malware includes a variety of programs that have different purposes and methods to exploit someone’s privacy or gain access to the data. The malware was first known to be a virus that was introduced in your system using a medium. But, as time passed by, and various new methods were invented for spreading malware, the definition of malware changed.

Now, malware can be anything from viruses, adware, a trojan, ransomware, to any other thing that might spread malicious code across a network of computers.

Top 4 tools to protect you against the threat of malware

If your system is facing issues like unannounced restarts, crashes, slowdowns, and constant hard disk loading activities, it is time for you to install a reliable malware removal tool.

Here is the list of 4 best tools that can help you get rid of the malware problem from your systems:

1. Spybot
Spybot team has done their job pretty well and managed to keep the scanning algorithm up to date. Spybot is more than just an anti-malware tool. It is capable of detecting the botnet viruses, malware scripts and various other functions. Spybot has a unique feature that allows the user to use the infected software without causing any damage to the system. You can do this by using an Edit functionality. It also has a quarantine section to keep the essential files that are infected by malware. Surprisingly, it is one of the best free malware removal tools.

2. Super Antispyware 
Super Antispyware is available for download on the company’s official website. The program has a free version available, but for using it at full potential, you have to buy the full version. It is a licensed spyware software.
You can download the free version and scan your system to sniff out the malware or spyware if any. You can also team it up with other popular spyware software like BitDefender, ESET NOD 32, and so on. It does not collide with other antivirus software, that in turn improves the security layer on your system.

3. Kaspersky Internet Security 
Kaspersky is a well-known name in the IT industry. If you are concerned about Internet Security in your system, Kaspersky will give you the best results. It detects in-browser activities for a full-fledged firewall solution, thereby proving it the right choice for you. It also provides real-time scanning.

4. MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
MalwareBytes is one of the oldest anti-malware tools available in the IT industry. The team has won many bug-bounty programs and online security awards. The best part is it is available for free. But, the capability of the free version is limited to manual scanning. The full version of this tool offers automatic virus protection features that are worth the pay.

And for your website needs, the web hosting providers offer a wide range of features for securing your server. Some hosting types like VPS or Cloud Hosting services provide root access (depending on the provider) to install the software that can enhance the functionality, performance, and security of the server. You can install one of the anti-malware tools on your server for securing the server from malware, spyware, and any other virus that is supposedly trying to hack or intrude your system files.