When you’re running a web site or a business that needs a strong and reliable web site, then you’re looking for a company that will provide a server. This search will take you to a lot of places on the internet where a ton of different information will be presented to you.

It’s important to know that not everyone is honest. The marketing skills of the professionals in the industry will make you think that you should do one thing over another even though this is not true. That’s why more and more experts’ opinions and research are needed.

In this article, we’re going to present 5 top reasons why you absolutely must have a 10GBPS dedicated server if you’re running a serious business. Follow up and learn more about this!

1. Reliability

Choosing a dedicated server is an option that is a must for serious business because this is the option that is the most reliable. When you’re running a company that needs a website that is always up and running and never makes problems for visitors, then you need a dedicated server.

Why? Because the other option is to have a server that will be shared with someone else. When you do this, then you don’t know what is going to happen with this other site. You have no insight and you don’t know if they are going to overwhelm the capacity and make you fall with them. A dedicated server is always going to be up for you and no one interferes with its work.

2. Speed

There are much stronger and faster servers out there, but if you’re thinking about having a business that needs to have a page working smoothly and without problems, then a speed of 10GBPS is just what you need.

For the money you’ll spend, this is a perfect option. Your webpage will have no problem to serve every visitor that comes even during the rush hour. Of course, unless we’re talking about pages like Facebook or Google who have millions of visitors every second.

3. Cybersecurity

The biggest danger for serious companies who work online is receiving cyber-attacks from hackers. Sometimes these attacks are serious and sometimes they’re not. Companies spend a ton of money on this issue. Learn more about this here.

Either way, it’s never good to deal with this problem. When you own a dedicated server, every attack will be clearly seen by the tech team, and will be much easier to repel the attack. If the web site is hosted with other sites in the same place, then every hacker who aims at some of the other sites will take yours down too. A serious business can’t afford something like this.

4. Capacity

The most important features of a great hosting agency are providing speed, capacity, unlimited bandwidth, and all of these should provide an easy flow of visitors and a lot of traffic.

Some firms need to upload a ton of material on their website. All of this information must be placed on the server which is basically computer hardware that works like every other machine we use daily. The difference is that these are much stronger to hold the visitor flow and the downloading of all the data required for the proper functioning of the web site.

A poor machine won’t hold the information and let it circulate through the internet. A strong one like the one we’re talking about will have no problem with it.

5. Base for SEO

One of the pillars for creating a perfect SEO on your page is being fast and reliable. Without a perfectly running page, the search engines will take you off immediately making it hard to achieve any success. On the other hand, running a perfect site in all parameters will get you up on the first page and provide a lot of benefits.


There are more issues and features that one should know. If you want to learn more, you can click here and see some of them.

Everyone’s who’s in the business with hosting and websites know how important having a dedicated server is. If the speed is through the roof as we suggest, then you’ve got yourself an amazing page.