Apple iPhone 4S or iPhone 4? Just a Matter of Price?

Apple fans and mobile enthusiasts alike now have a choice to buy either the new iPhone 4S which is now officially released for pre-order in the UK or the previous iPhone 4 model which is now enjoying some substantial deal discounts but should price be the only factor in making this decision?

This question would probably not hold the same validity had Apple released a completely redesigned iPhone 5 as many expected but now the choice has been made harder with both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 using the same exterior housing in both black and white colour schemes.

For those on a budget the answer is simple, the original iPhone 4 receives its iOS5 update today which will greatly improve usability as well as add in lots of new features also offered on the new 4S model but for a far smaller price tag.

For those who enjoy owning the very latest in mobile technology the iPhone 4S has to be the answer with its upgraded 8 mega pixel camera, better imaging capabilities, super fast dual core processor and the new ‘Siri’ voice software that has made headlines recently.

So just how much cost difference is there between these two models?

Currently, the cheapest deal available for a free iPhone 4S with any of the network and retailers that have already launched their pre-order deals demands a substantial A�46 line rental charge per month, compare this with the recently discounted iPhone 4 deals which now offer a free handset from just A�30 line rental per month and you get a good idea of the price difference.

Is it worth paying the extra for the new iPhone 4S?

Looking at the figures between these two cheapest deals for a free iPhone we can equate that if the user does not exceed their inclusive monthly allowances for minutes of calls, text messages and data the iPhone 4S will cost an extra A�384 over the minimum term 24 month contract period.

That is a substantial amount of money and many doing these sums will likely opt for the older iPhone 4 model when seeing that figure, however there are always those that want to invest in new mobile technology, just look at the crowds that gather before the launch of Apple products outside the manufacturers stores.

Ask any of these people if they feel the iPhone 4S is too expensive and the answer will be ‘no’, they appreciate that this new technology, development and research costs money and as avid Apple users would not dream of buying an inferior product.