Apple iPhone – “The Legend”

Surveys about Apple iPhone say that when it comes to buy a smart phone with all the new and advanced features, customers simply go for an Apple iPhone, customers are so much brand loyal, when talking about Apple iPhone that, they can not afford to switch to any other mobile phone brand at any cost. Its features are user friendly and gives its user an amazing experience of using a Smart phone. iPhone has many such features which other brands doesn’t have till date.

Another key feature of iPhone is 3G, which enables its user to browse Internet at “lightning fast speed”, with 3G, an user can chat and that too at very fast speed or instant. Apple iPhone gives amazing 3D and Gaming experience, its real like picture quality is enough to make someone, fall in love with this super cool Smart phone. While going for a tour, an iPhone user don’t need to avail any special plan, all he need to do is keep his handset turned on. iPhone is blessed with a 3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels Camera with auto focus which is capable of clicking high quality pictures of your loved ones and the most advanced touch screen of iPhone doubles the pleasure of watching pictures or videos on it. It also have the features like- Touch focus and geo-tagging.

Apple has a built-in digital compass, so user can easily get to know about the locations through GPS, Wi-Fi or cellular tower. An user can get the live traffic updates on iPhone and plan his route according to that which is also a good feature of the mobile phone. An unique and very popular feature of an Apple iPhone is iTunes which is amazing experience to enjoying good quality music with its unmatchable sound and video quality.