Why the iPad Mini Tablet Will Bridge the Gap Between the Have’s and Have Not’s

The introduction of the iPad tablet computer was quite possibly one of the most revolutionary products Apple has released in its decade of continual on the spot products. Though the iPad is not an outlandishly priced product, the argument that its range of functionality might question the $500+ price tag may be soon coming to an end. Apple has decided to combat its critics by making a smaller version of the device which is predicted to be a fraction of the current iPad selling price with all the functionality. The following article will discuss how this remarkable product will appeal to those who are more thrifty, yet must have an apple tablet device.

The new iPad mini is expected to have a price tag somewhere in the realm of $299 to $399, based on the version chosen and memory onboard. The lower price makes the tablet not only a more enticing consumer choice, it is very likely that Apple was targeting the small business sector where employees would benefit from having mobile tablet access while in the field. This inevitably would make portable wireless laptops obsolete and would reduce the training environment necessary to teach the not so tech friendly individuals how to operate a device. With the ability to have user and company specific apps, the tablet provides a clearly advantageous platform for operating a business model.

The smaller tablet bridges the gap between the iPhone and PC. While the current iPad is a great size for those who carry a portfolio on a regular basis, the mini tablet allows for a purse sized computer that does not require fancy fingerwork for accuracy. The smaller size allows for easy on the go web browsing and email responding without the hassle of trying to decipher letters on the smaller iPhone. This situation is ideal for both the on the go and traveling where bulk may be an object of concern.

Though many critics will label this product release by Apple as just a futile way to gain hype about an already produced product, it is clear that Apple has greater intentions with this release. The possibilities that this product will produce are clearly endless, and with the ever evolving app store as a stimulant, it is clear that this product will succeed. Those that have always dreamed about owning an iPad, yet never had the resources to do so, are that much closer to now becoming part of the iPad culture. Businesses now have a cost friendly approach to improving efficiency in the field.