Buy iPhone 4G 32GB and Say Sayonara To Other Brands

For years, the world of smartphones was dominated by few names, such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericson, Palm, Blackberry etc. Those large manufacturers produced models that become most-sought for, in most part was due to the popularity of the brands. Actually, had we been more selective, we would note that all those manufacturers done was something called “evolution”.

For years, we have been given some tiny improvements with each released models. There’s nothing really new or innovative about those models and we thought that’s condition would never change.

However, back in 2007, Apple introduced the first iPhone. This smartphone revolutionize the smartphones market, just like its tagline “This changes everything”

Indeed, iPhone is a revolutionary smartphones with all its interesting features. Thanks to Apple, the market was shocked and consumers started to get even better product with each new released model. People say that competition drive innovation and this was the case with smartphones market.

However, not until Apple released the iPhone 4G, that we can say the manufacturers have created the evolution of smartphones. Apple iPhone 4G, in my opinion, is the masterpiece of all smartphones! Believe me, I’m not the only person in this line of thought. Many people all around the world were left in awe after seeing the amazing features of this phone.

Actually, what’s the best features of Apple iPhone 4G? Amongst many features it has, I find the following features are truly incredible:

1. Retina Eye and higher resolution. This model comes with a 960 x 540 resolution (HD quality), something unthinkable before for mobile devices. As Steve Job said, this is the best looking screen in the world. As arrogance as he is, I do agree with his opinion in this matter.

2. Blazingly fast processor. This is another evolution from Apple. Coming with a 1GHz CPU, you can hardly find any other mobile devices able to keep up with this phone! Whether you are an avid gamer, a mobile professional, an internet marketer, or just gadget lovers; you will find this phone able to meet virtually everything you ever wanted to do in a smartphone!

3. Huge storage. Thanks to iPhone 4G huge storage, you can bring all your favorite movies, photos, music and applications. You can say goodbye to browse through the list of applications to be deleted from your phone, simply because the storage was maxed out.

4. Long battery life. With all those features, ones will expect iPhone 4G is a battery consuming monster. However, Apple had done some brilliant researches related to the materials and power consumption/management technology that you can use it all day long under normal usage.