Who likes to fill out crossword puzzles or crossword puzzles in the newspaper? It’s really old school, but the activity of filling out the crossword puzzle is challenging, you know, especially if you’re sure that the answer doesn’t match the other questions. Thinking of making your own crossword puzzle for children’s activities at home? Now this makes crossword puzzles even easier and super fast can be questions plus answers, here’s how.

Home Play Ideas: DIY Crosswords aka TTS

There was an idea for SID’s father’s activities at the beginning of the pandemic. At that time, we adapted to having to stay at home even though we usually commute to Jakarta. SID was bored because his movements were restricted. Ring! SID’s father had an idea to make crossword questions for SID who was learning to write. This TTS question is of course adapted to SID’s knowledge and daily habits. The problem is very related to SID such as family member names, fruit names, favorite foods, and so on. At first, SID was annoyed when he answered incorrectly or had difficulty guessing the TTS. However, curiosity made him move to finish sheet after sheet of crossword puzzles made by father.

Making Manual Crossword Puzzles

When making daily crossword puzzle manually, we need to carefully count the squares. For example, if the answer consists of 8 words, don’t make the wrong box with only 7 words. In addition, the location of the boxes that are connected to each other must be precise. Several times, SID’s father and I miscalculated the boxes so that the answers deviated from the box. Making a manual TTS is prone to mistakes, even though when making a box in Ms. Excel seems to be correct, eh, when it is done, something is missed. Well, if the question is wrong, SID can protest and end up sulking. Well, it’s not a writing practice, okay?

Make Crosswords Online Without Downloading Apps

It’s been a long time since SID liked to fill out crosswords. Lately he prefers motoric activities such as cycling or chasing friends who ride scooters. When, yes, he became interested in holding a stationery? As a worried mother, I am worried that SID has forgotten how to write the alphabet. If you want to write P, you forget to face right or left until the book is scribbled. I also casually offered SID to fill out the crossword puzzle. “Ma’am make a crossword puzzle, yes. Do you want the name of the fruit or animal?” I asked before going to bed at night. He chose the name of the fruit as the crossword topic this time.