Trying to Find Educational iPhones Apps? A Teacher Reviews Her Favorites

With the holidays quickly approaching, kids are hinting about getting new iPhones. As a parent, teacher, and aunt, I want those iPhones to be educational. Therefore, I am keeping my eye out for new educational iPhone apps. While some may laugh at me, I always like to sneak in some education into everything we do.

Before you shoot the messenger, there are a few that the kids like and you will probably find yourself borrowing. Check it out:

Educational iPhone Games

o Word of the Day — Each day you get a new word to share with friends and family. Today’s word is deleterious. Smoking can have deleterious effects. Try it out. It is quite addicting. (The game not smoking.)

o Google Earth — Don’t know where you are? Google Earth will do a fly by. While you are at it, it will do a fly by to your friend’s house, the state capital and other places of interest. Anyone want to see Paris, Texas?

o This Day in History — This app tells you what significant facts happened on this day in history.

o Starmap — No budding astronomer could go without this app on his or her iPhone. It is almost like carrying a planetarium in your hand.

o ABC Phonics — This cute little game has animals and flashcards combined for children to learn his or her site words. Kids go through games and unlock levels as they advance.

Organizational iPhone Apps

A big part of education is organization. You would not believe it but most of my time in middle school was teaching children to organize their stuff. Therefore, I consider organizational iPhone apps, educational apps.

Take these for example:

o Dexy — It allows you to take free-form notes. This way you can take notes on the go and have them everywhere.

o Quick Voice — For those of us who have a hard time writing, and especially for students with handicaps, a voice note keeping system is invaluable. I cannot describe how much this helps when a student can quickly say, “Test Friday.” The uses for this goes beyond the classroom.

o Expense Tracker — Anyone can see the educational value in this app. What student or adult can’t use a lesson in keeping track of expenses? This real life lesson helps everyone keep track of real-world money.

When it comes to educational iPhone apps , you need to think outside the box. Your kids may be thinking Guitar Hero and you may be thinking Wheels on the bus. However, there is a middle ground. Many games are both educational and fun. Once, you go to the iTunes app store you will see there are a lot more educational games than you can imagine.