How Can We Make Cell Phones Green?

There are About 250 Million Cell Phones in the USA Today. What does that tell you? Not much – up until recently. Until recently, cell phones were considered a throw-away item – and full of nasty stuff that’s bad for the environment. What’s changing all that? 4 different Trends, all happening at once, and these trends are causing cell phones (especially the iPhone) to be repaired rather than stuffed in a landfill.

The general public is becoming more aware of the environment. Slowly, the “Throw away society” is going away – and slowly going back to the: “Make it last society” of our Grand Parents. This trend is getting a huge boost from the recession because everyone is looking to save money.

The wireless device designs (especially the iPhones) are lasting longer. In other words: the physical designs and the software are getting to a point where people are content with their phone for a long time… even years. Helping this trend is the fact it takes a bit to get to really know a phone, and so people are reluctant to start that learning process all over. Giving up on a phone is like giving up on an old friend.

The: “We’ll LOCK you into a multi-year contract”days are ending fast. People are sick of cell phone company games! Most new high-end phones are sold as part of a multi-year contract. People now want a lot of service for very little money, while using the phone they want to use, with the ability to change companies if and when they want. This means, someone can have their iPhone unlocked and they can use it on another network.

Phones are now a big investment. With new iPhones at $700 or more, repairing them is just common sense. Please sit down and realize the lid has just been taken off an endless, super-fast growing device repair industry which won’t EVER stop. Who’s going to repair the iPad & the endless list to come?

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make a boat-load of money while being as green as they come? Please consider learning to repair the small, high quality devices. It’s a rewarding and fun career. My son does it part time and makes about $50,000 a year – PART TIME. 90% is iPhones and iPods. Imagine in the near future when the number of touch pad devices multiplies?