Features of iPad and iPhone 5

Among the two, iPad and iPhone 5, you must be more familiar with the latter because the former is comparatively new. However, this Apple device, i.e. iPad has been able to generate a lot of sales because of extensive advertisements, positive reviews and testimonials. Also, the features of the iPad are such that people are attracted to it and they desire to acquire it, the only catch in the situation being that they aren’t extremely assured of the fact that this device would make a good buy. If you already have an iPhone and you have been using it for quite some time then you will probably be interested in purchasing an iPad because this is a totally different gadget.

If you are a huge fan of reading e-books then you should get the iPad, even though there is an app on iPhone called iBooks. This is because the size of the screen of iPad is extremely large in comparison to that of an iPhone and therefore the former makes a much better option when it comes to displaying ebooks. The size of an iPad screen is 9.7 inches while the size of an iPhone screen is 3.5 inches, so even if iPhone offers brilliant Retina display, it cannot outmatch iPad in this case. Another advantage of using the iPad for reading books is that you will not have to strain your eyes for reading small fonts. Thus, for reading and similar activities, it is best to go with the iPad.

In terms of pixel density, iPhone takes the crown because since the pixel density of this device is 326pi, this gadget has an extremely high resolution and the graphic display is simply mind-blowing. Therefore the iPhone would be an ideal choice for viewing videos and movies. However if you aren’t very particular about the picture quality and you simply prefer to watch the movies on a larger screen then you should go with the iPad. In terms of storage, iPad offers more choices, i.e. 16GB, 32GB and 64GB while the iPhone only offers two storage choices, 16GB and 32GB. However this is not a problem because 32GB is more than enough for a cell phone.

The iPad and iPhone 5 are two completely different products and while the latter is more like a multi-functional cell phone, the former is closer to a laptop. iPad is like a do-it-all gadget – you can use it for storing your work data, film collection, games, music and images to name just a few functions. Therefore since it is more like a computer its maximum capacity, i.e. 64GB is not quite enough for iPad users and needs to be enhanced through various means.

With the help of an iPad you will be able to type and send emails and documents easily. If you want a bigger work area then you can rotate the iPad and use it in the landscape mode. Just in case you aren’t comfortable with the in-built keyboard of iPad then you can also have an additional physical keyboard connected to it either via Bluetooth or with the help of wires.