Do you feel your daily activities so stressful? Well, it’s time for you to refresh your mind. This time, we will invite you to become a Zen person by reducing the stress that has accumulated, whether it comes from work, romance, family or other annoying things.

Ways to eradicate stress will not be done in the usual way, because this time you must use the smartphone as a container to refresh the negative aura that has long been buried in the soul.

There are 5 applications that work to relieve the stress that you experience in everyday life. What are the applications? Let’s refer to the following reviews.

  • 7 Second Meditation

7 Second Meditation is available for the iPhone for free. This app will only take seven second out of the 24 hours you have on each day. The application is worked on by Kim Townsend, a scientist working at University College London. The way the app works is so easy, with one touch, you will be reminded to take a deep breath and ponder the 3 things you can be grateful for that day for seven seconds. With the simple work that this application carries, you can do the seven-second meditation every day and guaranteed to be more relaxed and full of positive thoughts, and become a person who is always grateful

  • Relax & Rest

This app is available for free on iOS and Android devices. Relax & Rest is perfect for you who panic and easy anxious. Through this app, you can train to drain the negative emotions that are felt with breathing exercises. You can also set how long you can practice the breathing. In fact, when practicing breathing, you can set the back track to be a practice buddy.

  • Digipill

This application is a ‘pill’ that you can use to reduce stress and insomnia. In fact, through this application you can also increase the confidence. This app will help you do full meditation and comes with a tranquilizer that is able to stimulate positive thoughts. You can set how long the meditation time to taste. Digipill is available for AppStore for free.

  • Buddhify

This app belongs to an urban meditation category that will invite the user to see a colored wheel. Later, he will give instructions to the mind in order to motivate the positive aura hidden behind the stress. You can choose a 5-minute session depending on the activity you want, whether it’s during breaks from work, while you’re eating or when you’re feeling unwell. According to mental health expert Dr. Bishaka Chowdhurry, this app is very useful for people who are stressed by problems at work. “With this app, users can set a time of 5-15 minutes to meditate and think that it has a positive aura like the colors offered from the wheels that are present at Buddhify,” he said. This app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store for £ 3.99 or approximately USD 81 thousands.

  • Headspace

This application of stress killer is a favorite application that is often used by users of iOS and Android devices. Headspace has a feature that will provide meditation instructions narrated by its own discoverer, Andy Puddicombe. Headspace presents a 10 minute meditation feature, where users can enjoy funny animated shows and can pamper the eyes. With the power of visualization and the voice of motivation from the narrator, 10 minutes you will again recharge the fatigue that has been felt and able to make yourself as a better person, and apart from negative energy. This app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store for free.