No matter what industry you operate in, your business has crucial documents, records, cash, data, and employees that need to be protected. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t give their security a thought until something goes wrong. Don’t wait until it is too late. Be sure to follow the best tips below to ensure your business and its most prized assets are secured all year round.

Make Smartphone Security a Must 

In the world of technology, it’s not too difficult to assess crucial business information by simply looking at an employee’s phone. Realize that while smartphones can increase productivity and convenience for your business, they can also provide an easy breach in security for your business. Require all employees utilize a fingerprint or other form of authorization on their phones. This will add an added layer of security within minutes.

Set A Strong Password Policy 

Yes, these can be very inconvenient at times, however, they work. By requiring all passwords that allow access to a company network to be constructed in a more secure format you can enhance the security of your business easily. Make sure you require a minimum length of at least 10 characters, special characters, upper and lower case, as well as numbers.

Install Security Cameras 

Security cameras at a business serve two main purposes, deterrence and investigation. When people see security cameras it makes them less likely to plan an intrusion of your business. Also, cameras tend to ensure your employees are always on their best behavior.

When intrusions happen, security camera footage can help to figure out what happened and who was a fault. While some of these systems can get expensive, they are well worth it in the long run. They can help you to recover compensation for damages, robberies, and can even assist in decreasing your insurance rates.

Security Patrol Software 

The point of having security personnel is to ensure they keep your business safe. A terrific way to help ensure each security guard’s accountability for being where they are expected to be is with the top guard patrol software. This system will require all guards to use a QR code scanner every time they approach a specific point at your business.

These specified checkpoints will not only allow you to see how your patrol is operating, but can provide you valuable feedback. You can review incident reports and get real-time reports from your on-duty patrol.

Have A Floor Marshal

If you run a large business with many operating floor, you become more at risk for unwanted intruders. As your employee numbers increase the less likely employees are going to be aware of all their coworkers. It’s very common for floors to hold hundreds of employees and knowing each one is a task in itself.

This makes your business vulnerable to an intruder that no one would questions as out of the ordinary. By assigning a floor marshal who checks in all individuals who enter the floor, you can prevent against intruders.