Protecting Your iPhone

The Apple iPhone has become one of the most talked about and advanced smart phones in the world. Although the 8GB iPhone 3G starts at only $99, the costs of customizing your phone with iTunes and apps can eventually add up to much more. With these new technologically advanced phones, dependency upon them has raised immensely with the integrated uses of GPS systems, daily planners, instant messaging, and so many more. With the iPhone, the line between needs and wants is significantly blurred but all brings the same sense of hysteria knowing that if the phone becomes broken or damaged, you don’t know what to do.

This is why it’s important to protect your iPhone from potential disaster. Although many of the technological issues can be out of your hands depending on what your warranty says, there are many ways to protect the iPhone itself from being damaged.

Time and money is precious, and you have spent a considerable amount of both customizing your iPhone to exactly how you want it. Is it not the most irritating feeling in the world knowing you have this flawlessly operating device and then seeing a giant scratch right down the middle of your screen?

Protecting the outside of your iPhone is an easy but extremely overlooked necessity. How many times have you passed by the kiosks at the mall thinking “only an idiot would be so careless as to have their iPhone broken”? The worse news is Apples limited one year warranty will only cover any damages cause by Apple itself. This means that the scratch in your camera that shows up on all your pictures, the broken LCD, cracked screen can be fixed, but it will be out of your pocket.

Many of these damages can easily be prevented with the right tools. Some of these methods include hard and soft covers, screen film, port protectors and better awareness of how you are handling your iPhone.

Hard and soft covers – Generally made from plastic or rubber, hard and soft covers slide, snap or pull over the top of your iPhone protecting the exterior, from scratches and providing cushion to your iPhone if it happens to fall on the ground. There are many places online and in person that allow you to pick and choose the style of your cover as well as even customize it. Prices for hard and soft covers generally range anywhere from five to thirty dollars depending on the style and brand but are an easy way to further customize your iPhone as well protect the exterior of your iPhone.

Screen Covers – Can be found online or in person and go right over the top of your iPhone screen in order to prevent you from having to pay for an iPhone screen repair. Some screen covers come with a warranty that covers the service and durability of it and cost anywhere from five to thirty dollars.

If both a screen film cover as well as a hard and soft cover is utilized on your iPhone, you can prevent yourself from having a broken iPhone.

With so much time and money invested into a device that coordinates our life, it’s important to just take more precautionary care of your iPhone. Consider getting these kinds of protectants as well as keeping your phone away from water sources such as the sink or toilet. Perhaps even keep your iPhone in a separate pocket from your keys.

Such simple measures taken can save you hundreds of dollars spent at the Apple Store.