Best iPhone 4 Cases for Summer – Color, Color and More Color

A few of the things that are surely signs of summer are the smell of freshly-cut grass, all of the trees in full bloom and of course, the sweet smell of flowers. The smell of all the different varieties of plants and flowers fills the air with a distinctly summer feel. It is great to go out for a walk or a drive and see all of the flowers in full bloom and look with amazement at all the many varieties and shades of color.

Summer and color simply go together. It is a time to enjoy the beauty of all that was barren in the long winter months.

When summer comes around, it seems only natural to want to plant flowers and dress in brightly-colored clothes. Why not accessorize your look with an eye-popping vibrant and colorful iPhone 4 case, too? It’s an easy way to add a splash of color to your look and be a part of the bright colorful days.

Check out these great iPhone 4 cases to add some wonderful colors to your device:

iFrogz Luxe Lean Case

This thin polycarbonate hard shell case snaps right on to your iPhone 4, offering a secure fit and providing great impact protection. The metallic look and velvety feel of the case comes in a variety of nine stunning colors including gray, green, red, teal, pink, black, white and two shades of blue.

SwitchEasy Colors Silicone Case

This case is constructed of a durable silicone and features a one-of-a-kind “jelly bean” design for the home button. The popular home button is coated with resin, which provides protection and greater ease of use. The case sports a clean, simple look and does a great job in fighting off dirt and grime. Next are the colors, which have been described as the “juiciest” and “most vibrant” on the market today. True eye candy indeed with nine colors including turquoise, white, fuchsia, yellow, orange, black, crimson, purple and lime.

Speck Fitted Hard Case with Fabric

A hard-shell case with two-piece design offering full protection of your iPhone 4. It is thin and offers a comfortable grip and matte soft-to-the-touch feel. This case offers a variety of colors, but with a more sophisticated flair. The patterns offered can be matched up with your outfit for a complete look. The fabric-wrapped patterns are available in six different looks such as houndstooth, brown camo, two shades of tartan plaid and two shades and designs in purple. Classy and original.

Incipio Dotties Case

This is a really fun case that can be completely customized and changed very easily and often. You can create your own design and your own color combinations on the fly. In addition to offering all of these changeable looks, the tough silicon case holds your iPhone tight to provide great shock-absorbing protection. You can choose from eight core color choices, with a bunch of options to put together for your own custom look. Keep the look tame or get wild and funky. With Dotties, it’s entirely up to you. Colors include navy, purple, red, white, charcoal, pink, turquoise and black.

Not only do all of these cases come in a variety of colors, they all provide superior protection for your device and allow you easy access to all the functions of your iPhone 4. So you get the protection you need and the beautiful colors you want, all in a sleek, thin, attractive package. All of these cases are compatible with AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 models.

It is a proven fact that bright colors can positively affect your mood. Brighten up your look and change it up as often as you like. The case options available for you make it easy and affordable to do so.

Have a colorful summer!