Knowing When An iPhone Replacement SIM Tray Is Required

Of all the things that could happen to an iPhone, requiring a replacement SIM tray isn’t so bad. A cracked screen, a faulty comm board, or any number of other issues can be real downers, but simply sticking an iPhone replacement SIM tray into the phone is relatively easy, and can be done by most. Of course, which tray you will need may vary based on the iPhone model you’ve got, but with some quick online research, it’s entirely possible to order a replacement and have it within days for about $20 or less. The cheapest of all SIM trays come from used iPhones.

Today, most people know that throwing out old electronics doesn’t make much sense. It’s bad for the environment, and is the equivalent of throwing away cash. Going online and investing a few minutes can see a substantial return on many old electronics like laptops, digital cameras, iPods and of course iPhones. The parts of the iPhone can then be used to sell to others who want to fix their own iPhones at home, or be used to refurbish and repair iPhones by the pros. Just because one part of an iPhone isn’t working doesn’t mean that every part is worthless. This is especially true with the SIM tray, which can generally be quickly and easily salvaged. That’s good news for those who need an iPhone replacement SIM tray fast and for the right price.

Most of the time it’s easy to know that a new SIM tray is required. Generally, the SIM card will get stuck and be impossible or extremely difficult to remove from the iPhone, making your life difficult, or the phone will refuse to connect to the SIM card and send you an error message stating something like “no SIM card detected.” When that happens, it can cause the phone to stop working without your knowledge as it swims around in your purse or pocket, cause you to drop calls, and generally cause frustration as you have to reconnect and restart the phone every time you want to make a call. If the problem is, in fact, the SIM card tray, an iPhone replacement SIM tray will fix the problem in no time.

Something to look out for is a malfunctioning release mechanism. This is the bit that should make the tray pop out when a pin is inserted into the tiny release hole. If this is what is actually broken, and not the tray itself, then a new tray will not do much good. In fact, if either the release mechanism or tray is broken because it has been either forced open or shut, or simply broken due to general wear in tear, and there are small pieces of metal or plastic floating around in the iPhone, it can spell disaster. Just a small piece of debris floating around where it shouldn’t be can short out the phone, ruin the electrical system, and make for a repair that costs far more than $20- and is likely not a DIY project. If for any reason you aren’t sure an iPhone replacement SIM tray is the reason for the malfunction, it’s always best to send the phone for a proper diagnosis. If it’s beyond easy repair, it’s always possible to sell it for cash and let the repair shop use the parts to refurbish or repair the iPhone of someone else!