How to Sell an iPhone 3G Online Without the Hassle

While everyone likes to stay on top of the latest trends in smart phones and computers, the actual process can be a little discouraging. By the time you’ve gotten used to the quirks and idiosyncrasies of one phone, you hear that the new model is about to hit the market in a few months. On the one hand, you can’t help but become interested in the new capabilities; however, you know that an additional expense will be involved and you’re still getting over the purchase of your last iPhone. How do you trade up without losing out? You can ask around at the office, post little flyers at the supermarket, or try one of the marketplace websites in your area.

In each case, you’ll have to become something of an iPhone broker. The hassle may be more than you have bargained for. The old fashioned way to sell an iPhone 3g will definitely test your patience. It seems like the old, mostly tedious way of doing things takes over the transaction. Communication comes with great pauses in between; questions are forgotten; and, multiple viewings are necessary. In this type of deal, it will be hard to feel like you got a good return on your original investment.

Another to sell iPhone of 3g capability is the online marketplace. Sellers will have the choice of going the auction route or just posting on a community board online. The community marketplace sites seem to have evolved only slightly from the system of posting flyers and passing along info via word-of-mouth. Communication is often stunted, and scammers seem to populate the sites as much as actual shoppers. Trying to sell an iPhone 3g on these sites can end up with you feeling like a moderator. You’ll start deflecting spam, trying to separate the crazies from the serious and defend your price vigorously. Is it worth it?

Auction websites take the personalities away for the most part, but they represent disadvantages in other aspects. For some reason, the traditional method of evaluating transactions has become unavailable for sellers. If a buyer refuses to pay for an item you had on auction for over a week, there is no recourse. A seller will have to relist the item and go through the draining process once again, all the while campaigning for the return of fees taken for the transaction. While auction sites assume the purchase process will happen, they do nothing to protect sellers.

Another way to sell iPhone 3g is to sell straight to an online service. Send out the phone for an evaluation, accept or decline the purchase price and you will be finished. You might not know for sure if you could have done a little better hacking through all of the other difficult methods, but you will know that the process was definitely simple. It’s the most hassle-free way to sell iPhone 3g online.