iPhone 4 Deals on 3 Mobile

The advent of the new iPhone 4S being released in the same casing as the iPhone 4 has left many consumers with the question of which iPhone model to buy, should they opt for the higher specification 4S with its larger price tag or save some money and order the iPhone 4?

The dedicated 3G network; 3 Mobile, has helped many stuck in this situation by offering the cheapest deal for a free iPhone 4 on its network, when it comes down to just price then ‘The One Plan’ tariff from 3 Mobile makes choosing between these two phones very easy.

Firstly, the cheapest deal for a free iPhone 4S 16GB currently stands at A�41 per month, compare this with a free iPhone 4 on 3 Mobile at just A�30 line rental and over the two-year contract period the consumer saves a massive A�264.

The 3 Mobile deal includes a whopping 2000 minutes of calls which can be used at any time and to call any network, 5000 text messages, 5000 extra minutes to call other customers on 3 Mobile and most importantly of all an unlimited amount of data to use every month.

The closest any other network can get to this deal is at A�31 per month from Vodafone which only includes 300 minutes, unlimited text and 500MB of internet access.

Secondly, the iPhone 4 now has many features of the new iPhone 4S thanks to a recent upgrade to its operating system with the new iOS5, this new software adds in around 200 new features and although not everything is exactly the same as in the 4S model much of it is present.

Another important factor in deciding which model of iPhone has literally been taken away by the manufacturers, whilst many consumers were expected the release of the iPhone 5 with a brand new design, the iPhone 4S has disappointed many by using exactly the same housing and not differentiating itself from the previous model.

This means that the average man on the street would not know which iPhone model a user had simply by looking at the exterior casing, it is not until the phone is in operation that the differences are revealed.

3 Mobile have helped enormously in answering the question of which iPhone to buy with their value for money tariffs, that said there will always be those fans of Apple that would opt for nothing less than the very latest model, regardless of the costs.