New For Summer 2010 – The iPhone 4

Apple have continued their trend of producing stylish and ground breaking mobile handsets with the release of the iPhone 4, a phone which is destined to be a huge success for the esteemed manufacturers.

When you first take a look at the iPhone 4, the first impression is that its is generally a more high end handset than any of it predecessors. Gone is the glossy plastic back that accompanied previous models, the new phone has a glass back and front. The first reaction to this is that this may make the phone more prone to damage, however this not any standard glass. Apple have chemically treated this glass to make it both incredibly tough and durable. This aluminosilicate glass is the same kind that is used in helicopters and high speed trains and is reported to be 20 times stiffer than plastic and 30 times tougher. Not only does this make the phone a more durable handset, but will help it resist the inevitable scratches and scuffs picked up in pockets and handbags. The high end feel is maintained thanks to the stainless steel band that is sandwiched between the two sheets of glass. Not only looking expensive, the band acts as an antenna on the phone, helping reduce the the overall depth of the phone to a minuscule 9.3mm.

Another impressive aspect of the iPhone 4 is the excellent “Retina” display. Currently the highest resolution display available on any mobile handset at 960 x 640 pixels, the screen utilises IPS screen technology to increase viewing angles and give a deeper natural colour. The intensity of pixels is an incredible 326 per square inch, which is more than the human eye can actually detect, hence the name of the display. As a result of such technology text appears clearer than ever before and images maintain superb clarity. The contrast ratio of 800:1 produces rich colours and the screen maintains some of the loved features from previous models such as the pinch and zoom facility, thanks to multi touch support. Media features have been improved, the camera has jumped from 3 mega pixels to 5, and a new second camera is installed on the front of the device to allow for video calling, or as Apple label it, “FaceTime”. Video footage can also be filmed in high definition quality.

The iPhone 4 not only impresses in the looks department but wows with not only a comprehensive range of features but ones of such high standard that the phone has propelled itself straight to the front of the smartphone pack.