High-quality safety boots are essential in ensuring that you can work safely and confidently. But when should you replace an old pair of safety shoes?

In order to continue working as safely as possible, it’s important to replace old safety boots when they become tired or worn down. This allows you to complete your work to the best possible standard without risking injury.

Wondering if it’s time to purchase a new pair of safety boots? Here are a few signs that your boots need replacement!

Holes in the soles

Holes are the soles are a clear sign that it’s time to pick up a new pair of safety boots!

As your shoes get older, they may begin to wear down, with holes or vulnerabilities appearing in their soles. You might notice your shoes beginning to break and tear where you distribute a lot of your weight. You may find that you can feel much more of the ground through the soles of your shoes than you could when the shoes were new.

If the soles of your safety boots are starting to develop a pockmarked appearance, there’s much more than fashion at stake. Holes in your shoes is a safety hazard, failing to protect your feet from sharp objects such as nails or glass. Holes in the soles mean that you need new safety shoes!

Tearing outsoles

Tearing soles are another sign that it’s time for shoes to be replaced!

When you wear your safety boots frequently, especially in harsh environments, aging shoes may be prone to breaks and splits, including tearing outsoles. Over time, you might notice the outsoles of your shoes beginning to separate from the upper. This leaves a gap where the joins of the shoes used to meet.

When outsoles begin to tear and break, you need to invest in a new pair of safety boots. Tearing outsoles look unprofessional in a place of work and can pose a significant safety risk, making you vulnerable to injuries. You might step on sharp objects, or hazardous debris could enter your shoes. It’s definitely time for an upgrade!

Damaged safety features

Another important sign for shoe replacement can be found by examining the state of your boots.

Many safety boots operate as more than just shoes. They also include safety features that protect your feet from harsh terrain or environmental hazards. Your shoes might have steel-capped toes or similar safety additions that protect you from injury while you work.

If you begin to notice damage to your shoes, it’s time to consider purchasing a new pair. Do you see signs of splits, cracks, breaks, or even separation of steel caps from your shoes? New boots are the safest choice, ensuring that you remain protected from ground hazards that could cause injury and even prevent you from working.

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