Have you heard the term ‘unlimited postpaid plan’ and wondered what it meant? We tell you.

Mobile technology has made tremendous strides in recent years in India. Spurred by competition amongst service providers, each company has devised some really good postpaid and prepaid plans to attract customers. However, only a few leading providers like Airtel have really hit the bullseye in terms of offering cutting edge tech in their offerings.

Take, for instance, the unlimited postpaid plan. Airtel postpaid plans all fall under this broad category, and customers couldn’t be happier. Unlimited postpaid, as the name suggests, offers unlimited monthly data to the postpaid subscriber. It means that as a user, you are hardly likely to run out of data despite the heaviest daily consumption. Additionally, providers like Airtel have bonus data per month to supplement the shortfall, in case you do happen to exhaust your data quota for the month before the month is out. As with other Airtel postpaid plans, there is data rollover of unused data to the next month as well.

So should you get one, too? What are the features of unlimited postpaid plans? Read this information below to find out if you should or not:

* The unlimited postpaid plan is literally unlimited: As the name suggests, the plan gives unlimited data. But only the best postpaid plans in this category, courtesy leading providers like Airtel, have unlimited calling and texting functionality as well. Combine the power of Airtel’s superfast and always-on network with unlimited postpaid plan capabilities, and you have a winner on your hands -or rather, in your phone.

* It costs lesser than you think. Just because the plan gives you unlimited data does not automatically mean that the plan costs much more than other plans. Take the case of Airtel postpaid plans – they are priced attractively at Rs 399, Rs 499, Rs 649, Rs 799 and Rs 1,199. The data offered ranges between 40 GB and 120 GB. Just think – you get so much data at such a low price!

* It is best for heavy users. To be quite frank, the unlimited postpaid plan will have little appeal for you if you’re not a heavy user of your phone to begin with. If you are not likely to use even 20 GB data per month, then even the Rs 399 variant from Airtel’s postpaid plans will become an unlimited plan for you! But if you watch at least one film every day, chat incessantly with friends, download work files, travel internationally all the time, and listen to music on your phone constantly, then the unlimited postpaid plan is definitely meant for you.