There are several languages that you can use for your mobile app development. However, you need to find the best one that suits you and your App. This article will help you know how to choose the best one.

The Type of Phones the App is to Be Built For

The type of phone matters since there are types that do not work well with other languages. For instance, in the case of an android phone, java is the best language to use. This is because it is a common language for many developers.

Due to this, it tends to result in good performance when you are developing your app. In case it is a Windows, this is a flexible type because it easily adapts to most languages and more so, it is gaining market so fast therefore, it is likely to be used by many developers. Mostly, Windows apps are written in C# and VB. However, it strongly supports the HTML language.

The Nature of Your App

The language you choose is also dependant on the nature of the app you want to develop. In case it is a native app, then you should choose a language that is specific to the platform of your app. The language should be able to elevate the user and should be able to work as quickly as the app does.

If you are building an app for Apple or iOS, then the best language is Objective-C. However, this language requires experienced developers because it is considered one of the difficult languages. On the good side, the Best App Design & Development Companies give you good tools like the Xcode which helps you build your mobile app.


The Top App Design & Development companies came to realize the limitations that come with the time issue when developing apps. As an app developer, you would wish your app to be known to many users and be used in numerous devices. But the problem comes when you have to write for different kinds of phones using their specific languages such as Java for Android, C# for windows and much more.

However, the best language is the one that cuts through all the kinds of phone types. As a result of this, you will only have to write your app once and you are done simply because it will be deployed everywhere. Therefore you will retain a single code-base.

Ease of Learning and Understanding It

App development is all about coming up with a product that is simple and easy to be used by the users. The reason for building an App is for it to reach a lot of people in the market. As a result, you have to use a language that can be well understood and work well with the users.

This will make them use it because of its ease and simplicity to understand. This means you should choose a language that is compatible with your app, understandable and simple and one that cannot be complex to the user.