Ways To Update Your iPhone Or iPod Touch

Apple will regularly bring in new updates for iOS that will have enhanced the features for iPhone development. So you need to check for such updates so that you can get the best from your iPhone development. However many of us do not know the process of updating such features on to your iPhone. In fact updating the features is very easy and can be understood with the following article.

Update the iTunes

The first thing to be understood is that Apple always releases such updates through iTunes and so it’s very much important for you to ensure that the iTunes that you currently have is the latest version. If not then you must first update iTunes, for that go to the menu under Help and click on the "Check for updates." In case you already have the latest version of the iTunes then there will be a message prompted by the system. If not then you may have to first download the latest version of the iTunes that is recommended by the system updates.

While downloading make sure you note down the location and then go to the location in order to install the latest updated iTunes. Then when you double click on the file you may be given several instructions that need to be followed for successful installation of the latest iTunes. Sometime there will be automatic installation done as soon as you download the updates. After that it becomes necessary to restart your system for updating your system with the new version of iTunes.

I phone is connected to the PC

When the system is restarted you will then be asked to agree to the license agreement and then open the new version of iTunes. With the help of the USB cable connect your iPhone to the system. Many drivers will get uploaded which must be left to done. After that there will be automatic synchronization of iTunes with your iPhone.

Search for software update:

The go to the iPhone icon in the menu found on your iTunes screen and open up the iPhone summary page. In the center of the screen there will be the version currently used by your iPhone. There will also be an option for updates. If you click on that then the system will automatically search for the software updates and do the needful. When you click on the update the iTunes will ask your confirmation for updating the same and click on continue. You will be given the detailed features and other options that are present in the new version. However before updating make sure you have all the hardware features that are necessary for updating the software. Accept the entire license agreement message that is required for the update of your new version of iOS.

Download the update:

When you accept the agreement then the file gets the system will automatically ask for preparing the iPhone development for software updates. Then the software gets updated along with the necessary drivers too. Accept all the messages that will be given out by the system for successful update of the software.