The Impact of Television on American Society

Everybody loves a classic. From “The Cosby Show,” to “I Love Lucy,” Television has bought generations of America together. Whether it’s been during the civil rights movement, 9/11, or the economic collapse of the past few years, television will always be remembered as the horse’s mouth. Even though the web is giving it a strong run for it’s money, my generation will never forget the power of the T.V.

As a kid, growing up the television made the newspaper come to life. It was like every story I read, in the front room, while my grandfather and I traded sections finally put names with the faces. It was one thing to read about the Royal Weddding, but to see it was a beautiful thing. I had never seen anything like it before in my life, my mother made me watch it and I’m glad she did. For the first time in my life, I finally understood why the child writer’s I loved so dear, used the analogy of a “royal wedding.”

It was one thing to read about slavery and celebrate Black History Month, but to watch the movie “Roots,” helped me to put it all in perspective. It was a requirement in my home, if you didn’t want to watch it you could go find something else to do. I loved it, because I had spent many hours scanning through my Grandfather’s copy of Roots that was in our library. After I saw the movie, I got a visual and the mesage was clear that Roots was a story that explained the history of Slavery.

The television helped to give me an image for not only people or history, but places as well. Watching this new generation brings a smile to my face. They not only have a access to unlimited information resources but to visuals as well. I’m glad that my generation was around to see it, and I can’t wait to see what the new kids do.