Scosche Satin Shield iPhone 4 Screen Protector

Every one of us is aware that once our sense of sight gets blurred, raises its grade or at worse lost its light we will not be able to reverse that such effect. Today there are so many things that may strain and damage our precious eyes like over usage of gadgets like computers, televisions, and even iPhones. Thanks to never ending improvement of technology we do not have to worry anymore about the harmful effects that gadget emits. iPhone screen protectors are the solution to safe guard our eyes from strains and any unwanted harm caused by our phones.

Well if it is prevention and protection that all of us are looking for, this Scosche Satin Shield iPhone 4 Screen Protector is what we recommend. We all know that iPhone is really fun and exciting and we tend to overexpose to it, this cover will completely minimize the radiation the device it emits. With its anti-glare feature it helps your eyes by giving a better clarity and full color of the display. It also gives the LCD of your gadget a barrier from any unwanted scuffs, dents and fingerprint smears which may cause a hideous damage to your priced gear. This is also easy to install and no bubbles will be on the screen after applying it.

These are the following items included to its package: two anti-glare screen films and a micro fiber cleaning cloth which is a good aid to dissipate dust and dirt from your device.

You can purchase this product at its retail price of $ 14.99 on its official website or have a big $ 5.50 discount (37% off ) on Amazon as it is priced for only $ 9.49!