Every SEO company is different, but all of them focus on one primary thing: Your results. No matter what the philosophy behind search engine optimization, it doesn’t mean much if you’re not seeing a spike in search engine visitors. Your pages should rank higher after SEO campaigns than they did before, and if you’re a business, you should see a higher ROI than before. Unfortunately, you can’t get the results you want unless you first try out an SEO company. This can mean choosing a few flops before you get to a winner.

The analytics that SEO companies provide to you are an important way to track your results and make sure that you’re seeing the growth you want to see. Some companies offer better and more powerful analytics than others, so if you’ve got a specific goal in mind make sure that they offer the kind of stats you need to monitor your results. Stats are one of the fundamental ways to track campaigns and they’re certain to be your first sign that your SEO strategy is working. If the campaign is the SEO company’s way of saying, “Here’s how you’re going to succeed,” then the stats are their way of saying, “And this is how we’re helping you succeed.” A good SEO audit is a website’s best friend before venturing into the world of SEO.

An SEO company is going to employ two primary strategies in your SEO: The first will be your on page SEO and the second will be your off page SEO. The terms themselves are self-explanatory. On page SEO includes things like your meta tags, keyword density, and links out, and off page SEO includes things like mobile strategies, social media pages, and links to your site found on other websites. The importance of back links have been well demonstrated throughout the history of SEO. Google loves to send their users to websites that are popular throughout the Internet. It lends credibility to your website when another site links to it.

A good SEO strategy will employ all of these methods and dozens of others in an effort to send more visitors to your website from search engines. You should very quickly see a boost in your page rankings after hiring an SEO company. Their analytics should give you a clear window into the way that their strategies are contributing to your page rank. The best thing about those results is that if you’re a business, you’re going to see the numbers in your sales, too. You’ll have an almost immediate boost in sales the first month or two of working with a good SEO company (this contact form).

Just remember that not all SEO companies get the results they claim to get. If you’re not seeing the results you’d like and you’re clashing in philosophies with your SEO company, move onto the next one! You want to build a solid, years-long relationship with a good SEO company, but you won’t always find the best company immediately right off the bat. Don’t be afraid to search a bit further until you find the one company that gets you the results you crave.