You’ve subscribed to the internet with high speed and high prices but the speed of the internet still feels slow? Possible performance of your WiFi signal less, What is why? There are several possibilities one of them is your Wifi Router misplaced so that the WiFi signal is blocked. Here are some ways you can do yourself to improve the performance of WiFi signals.

Use the best Wifi Extender.

The wifi extender device is designed to make it easy to expand coverage as well as increase signal strength from existing wireless networks. The best wifi extender 2017 now has the latest cutting-edge technology to suit today’s internet users.

Make sure that the walls or other solid objects do not block the WiFi signal

Construction materials such as concrete, metal, wood, glass, and others can block and weaken the strength of WiFi signals. The more obstacles between WiFi Router with your wireless device, the weaker the signal will be received.

Placement Locations

In general, the best location to put your WiFi router to WiFi signal covers all the space in your office is to put it in the middle of the office, not blocked walls or glass. If you put a WiFi router next to your office, try moving it to the midpoint of your office space so that the emission of the signal can spread throughout the room.

Do not place the WiFi router in a closed room or floor, away from cabinets and large metal objects such as filing cabinets.

Check Network Adapter

Check the network adapter on your devices such as a computer, mobile phone or tablet. You will get the maximum speed if your device uses a network adapter with the 802.11n (wireless-N) protocol. If your device still uses a network adapter with the 802.11g protocol, then the internet speed is limited (Maximum 54Mbps).

Stay close to WiFi Router

Theoretically, the emission of WiFi signal without a barrier can reach 150 meters. But in practice, you will only get the best WiFi signal when you are in the range of 15 to 30 meters

Use different frequencies

Radio waves from electronic devices such as microwaves, televisions, and monitors can interfere with your wifi signal. Usually, this only happens because the electronic device also has radio waves with a frequency of 2.4 GHz this can cause the occurrence of interference or interference. If you feel your office WiFi network is interrupted, try changing the network to a 5 GHz frequency to improve WiFi network performance

Avoid WEP Security Settings

If you use security settings on your office WiFi network, avoid setting the WEP type of security on your network, as network speed will decrease. To get maximum speed with network security, use WPA2 type security settings.

Note the router’s ability to handle the number of Concurrent Users

Use of Wifi in the office, of course, different from the use at home. For wifi use at home, there may be fewer than 10 concurrent users. But unlike the use in the office that allows tens to hundreds of wireless devices connected together at one time. The ability of wifi routers to handle the number of concurrent users affect the performance of your office wifi.

Watch your DHCP Lease Time Router Wifi

DHCP Lease Time is the amount of time given to the device to use and store IP addresses. The higher the lease time, the longer the device stores the IP address. 24 hours is the lease time set by default on almost all wifi routers. If your office network has multiple devices (computers, printers, etc.) or has a large IP range, you can increase DHCP lease time to reduce network load.

Conversely, if you have a relatively small IP range and wireless devices are often out of the network connection, then minimize DHCP lease time your wifi router. So that other wireless devices can get IP address so that can be connected to the network.

Increase range of IP Address

Often get cases where your wireless device can not be connected to the network due to not get IP (failed to obtain IP Address). This is likely the allocation of your wifi router’s IP address is up. One way to overcome this is to increase the range of IP addresses by scope extension, resubmitting or super scooping.

Turn off Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) Features

Wifi Protected Setup is designed to facilitate wifi network security settings at home and small office environments. This feature enables the creation of wireless networks in an easier way. In December 2011, US-CERT reported that it was found blemish