Palm Pre Vs iPhone

The showdown has officially begun. Both phones have grabbed the attention of every man, woman, and child who has a cellphone. The question now is will the iPhone reign supreme or will the Palm Pre take the cake.

For awhile before the release of the Palm Pre sprint marketed heavily for the new phone. From television ads to web ads that seemed to be everywhere. So how good did the Palm Pre actually do. Sprint released a statement saying that the Palm Pre has the highest weekend sells of any cellphone on our network to date. So in general Sprint is saying the Palm Pre is the best. While the iPhone has not yet been released, it has had attention drawn will leaked images of “what the phone might look like”, of course of which was actual pictures of the phone itself.

Both phones have a nice look with pretty intuitive interfaces, both have minor complaints nothing to big to stop people from buying either phone, so what’s the biggest differences between the two.

The two biggest difference are the carriers and company support. The iPhone has their infamous app store totaling around 50,000 as of today. The app store alone drives people to buy the iPhone and with the inclusion of the new graphics capabilities, allowing better interactive games, Palm will have a hard time keeping up. The Palm on the other hand has a better carrier. Now to all the AT&T Cingular fans out there I’m only saying this, because AT&T is havng to catch up technology wise to bring full the capabilities of iPhone 3Gs to it’s users. iPhone users will have to wait for better tethering and data services Sprint on the other hand is already offering 4G speed to it’s costumers which will offer faster download speeds and maybe soon offer live video feed, something Europeans already have and love. Last but not least the price to upgrade to the new iPhone is extremely high. The lowest price to upgrade is a wopping $399.