The bustle of media coverage of the discovery of a source of electricity from a tree by the Naufal Raziq, boy from Langsa, Aceh, made a scientist from Germany send his confidant to the residence of Naufal Raziq’s parents in Langsa City, Aceh.

Supriaman, Naufal’s father recounts, after the discovery of his son was preached by local and national media, at that time there were Indonesians who claimed the envoys from scientists in Germany to offer cooperation and scholarships in Germany.

“They offer a scholarship to Germany, but I said that the cooperation is with Pertamina EP because they helps us to be like this,” he said.

In addition there are some institutions that offer cooperation his son’s invention, “he said.

He recounted, during the research he often spend money to finance his research or his son’s experiment. Although heavy, he believes his son can be successful.

“I borrow a bank of 15 million to finance my son’s experiments,” he said, proudly.

Supriaman explains, his effort to borrow money was successful in making Naufal champions at the district, district and provincial levels.

“From there we were invited to cooperate with Pertamina EP since then we assisted them, so if anyone wants to help us we must go through Pertamina EP,” he added.

Supriaman also thanked Pertamina EP for supporting the discovery of his son, including Naufal scholarship support through college.

“Pertamina EP has also assisted in the maintenance of the power plant patent using the kedondong tree from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights,” he said.

Naufal’s findings are now patented under the title of power plant innovation using the kedondong tree.

The findings were filed on September 23, 2016. Then the Director General of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) announced its findings on January 27, 2017 with the publication number 2017 / S / 00085