Music Magpie Helps Users Sell Unwanted Goods With Their iPhone 4S

It is easy to spend lots of money by using to your iPhone 4S to purchase applications that are available from the iTunes App Store. There are some apps available however that can actually make the user money. Music Magpie is an internet site that offers to purchase your unwanted CD’s, DVD’s and console games. The service is now available as an application for the iPhone 4S, making it easier than ever to turn your unwanted products into cash.

Music Magpie for the iPhone 4S is a well designed piece of software which makes the whole process of selling your goods a very simple affair. One thing we did notice from using the service is that the prices offered for items were quite low and realistically you could expect more from a second hand shop. Taking a pile of CD’s and movies to your nearest shop could prove a time consuming affair while using Music Magpie is quick and very simple. Typically we were offered around 70 pence for a music CD while DVD’s ranged from 90 pence to around A�2. We also tried some older Xbox titles and these attracted similar offers. Nobody is going to get rich from using this application but if you have a cupboard full of old items you could make a nice amount of pocket money. In order to sell your goods you must have a minimum of ten items but Music Magpie does send a pre paid package label and if there are over 50 units a courier will be sent to your address to collect the items.

The Music Magpie application is very well designed piece of software for the iPhone 4S. The app makes uses of the primary camera which is located on the back panel of the phone. Simply point the phone at the barcode on your item and the software will give you a value on the item that you have scanned. In order to sell product users need to register an account but this is easily done on the phone. Each item that you scan is placed into your basket and this can be reviewed at any time and any items can be removed if necessary. If you do not have the time to scan all of your items in one session all products are kept in your basket for 48 hours so you can easily return and finish off at a later time. When it comes to receiving your money users can choose to be paid by a cheque or by e voucher and there is even an option to donate your amount to charity should you desire.

Music Magpie is one of those rare applications for the iPhone 4S that actually helps users to make money. The software is well designed and very easy to use. With many people relying on internet services for audio and video playback most consumers will have a plenty of CD’s and DVD’s that they no longer have a use for which can make them money by using this great app.