Old Cell Phone: What to Do?

Cell phones are being introduced here and there. A lot of companies are definitely generating millions and millions of dollars thanks to cell phone sales. They release a lot of mobile phones with all the fantastic features that being “updated” with the gadgets and gizmos is almost like having a new phone every month.

As fun as it is to have the hottest phone from the stores, the common question is what to do with the old ones. Being outdated or even obsolete may mean that not everyone would be interested to buy it as a second hand or used item. The owner has a lot of other options when it comes to old phones. Here are some:

1. Use it as back up phone.

One will never know when to use a phone. Sure, the new one may have super awesome features that could put the old phone to shame. However, what will happen if the new phone malfunctions, gets lost or goes to waste? The best choice is of course the old phone. It can even come in handy if the new phone drains its battery.

2. Sell it online as mobile phone

Instead of keeping it in drawers to meet up with dust bunnies of all sizes, why not sell it online? Sure, asking am officemate or a friend to buy a phone may not have a good chance of selling it but things are different when done online. There are a lot of sites that can evaluate the condition of the phone and offer a price to buy it. To make it easier for the owners, they just have the unit shipped to them and the payments be deposited a few days later.

3. Find a recycling company

Do not dispose old batteries and phones. Phones contain rechargeable batteries which operate using heavy metals and other harmful elements locked inside. Storing it for a long time may cause these batteries to leak which could cause adverse effects to humans and environment. The best way to prevent this is to have a recycling company take the phone and put it for recycling and proper disposal. Some even offer incentives and buy it per pound.

Do not throw away old cell phones. With just the right method of disposing it, it can be easily converted into quick cash just to sell cell phones. At the same time, it can also help save the world.