Before Apple introduced the iPhone to the world, people spoke on the phone without wireless headphones. When they talked to someone else, they were also unable to see how they looked in real-time. These were the days of 2G when texting loved ones was a novelty and revolutionary technology. Carriers offered data plans but navigating the internet on a tiny screen with a physical qwerty keyboard was a task best left to Fear Factor. In 2007, Apple changed the world as people know it and unveiled the iPhone. One of the first things people noticed about this phone was that it did not have one of those annoying qwerty keyboards taking up the majority of the screen. Instead, the manual and every other means of navigating the device was operated with a touchscreen. This functionality is taken for granted nowadays, but back then, this technology was mindblowing. One of the drawbacks people soon found out was dropping this precious device, and having the screen shatter everywhere. While they are not the same device, you can usually receive a quick fix for this problem at businesses that fix iPad screen Houston.

Introducing 3G

People being able to connect to the internet from anywhere in the developed rewired humanity’s consciousness. People were no longer tethered to desktop computers or laptops when it came to surfing the web. With the iPhone and 3G, individuals became connected continuously to the internet, and now, the division between reality and the internet is difficult to discern. For those belonging to Generation Z, explaining this to them is nearly incomprehensible. There was a time when everyone was not connected to the internet in this country. Those days are forever in the past, and it will be interesting to see how the iPhone translates to the 5G world that is right around the corner.