iPhone 4G Release Date – Could the iPhone 4G Be Released on June 18th?

Apple always does a good job with marketing an item. Especially the buildup to the release of that item. Well the boys at Apple are at it again. This time, their new product is as highly anticipated as they come. The new Apple iPhone 4G is going to be released soon, but no one is quite sure of the iPhone 4G release date quite yet.

There is a rumor going around that the release date will be June the 18th, which is a couple of Fridays from now. That makes sense for for a few reasons. First off, we all know that the new iPhone 4G will be released sooner than later, and it’s almost a certainty it will be this month. Secondly, the big WWDC is this weekend and Steve Jobs himself is supposed to be making an announcement/speech about the highly anticipated 4G. For those of you who don’t know, the WWDC is the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, and it’s for developers innovating and working with Apple technologies. And trust me, if you had no idea what this conference is all about you are not alone.

One thing I think is for certain is that this product is highly anticipated and you can guarantee that it will sell out instantly and will be as hard to come by as an honest politician for the first little while. This is the genius of Apple marketing though. They create a huge demand, and then only fill a small portion of that demand. Then the product becomes almost a status symbol in the way that they’re so hard to come by. It’s no wonder Apple sells a ton of everything they put out.