Going hiking, driving from one place to another, and making sure that your kids are safe all require a GPS tracker. This technology is known to people for a long time, but only now it gets true recognition.

Its benefits are many. From tracking your movement, through measuring how many calories you burned hiking, to keeping track of where the company’s employees are at every moment while working. People get these trackers for many different reasons and they are all justified.

Thinking about getting one or more for your needs is completely normal. However, before doing it and order a package on the internet, for example, you need to know what to pay extra attention to. In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips to help you choose the right one.

1. Look for a well-known brand

There are tons of brands out there that offer satellite tracking to the device you have chosen. Some of them are truly amazing, while others are just making sales thanks to the name they have. In any case, these are always better than total anonymous companies and brands.

You never know what you can expect with these. They might work, or may not work properly, but with the branded ones, you can be sure that you’re getting top-notch service. You probably know that GPS technology uses satellites to connect with the personal tracking device with amazing precision, so this is exactly what you want to get.

2. Check reviews online

One thing you should know about all products sold out there is that someone probably already bought them and tried them on themselves. This is great for you because this way you can find out what people think and how satisfied they were with the purchased item.

Make a list of the items you love the most and search for them on the internet. See the reviews that previous customers left and check out if a particular device is worth getting or not. Those devices that have a poor reputation should be avoided, and those who left hundreds or thousands of people happy, are worth getting.

3. Consider the size of the item

If you’re about to go hiking, then you need something that will be the size of a wristwatch. It may not have a ton of functions, but it will be enough to keep track of where you are at all times. On the other hand, if you’re about to attach more of them to the corporate vehicles, then the size plays no role.

Always get the one that is appropriate to your needs. You may have a bigger wrist than most people, so you’d want something bigger. On the other hand, girls usually have smaller hands, so they’d want something more appropriate.

4. Is it app-backed?

The device that will track every step you make should be app-backed. Through your smartphone, you can have so many more options that are going to be crucial for having a wonderful experience when using the GPS tracker.

If you have someone else wearing it, you want to know in real-time what’s happening on the other side. This is perfect for those who want to know where their kids are at all times. The app will alert if there’s something suspicious, and the parents can react immediately. See more about apps on the link.

5. Does it have an SOS function?

Whenever something happens, the user can press one SOS button that will be programmed to notify the people in the list that there’s something wrong. The location is immediately sent to the list and everyone can react quickly to help the person in danger.

When you’re a parent, you know how useful this feature can be. Your kids can press one button and you’ll be there in no time. Also, if you’re wearing it in nature, for example, and you get injured, you can always share the location through the SOS button so help can reach you precisely.

6. Make sure it’s water-resistant

Too often these devices can be caught by rain, or fall into the water, like lakes, or the ocean. When something like this happens, you don’t want the device to immediately stop working, but you want it to be water-resistant at least to some depth.

7. Don’t spend a fortune on it

Although the market will offer some truly expensive items, even for those with an unlimited budget, you’re not obligated to get them thinking they are best. What you need to do is research the options and think about what will work best for you. See more about this here: https://thefutureofthings.com/14644-how-to-choose-a-gps-tracker/.

Those devices sold for tremendous amounts usually have everything on them, but most of the features there, you’ll never use. Instead of spending a couple of grand on a GPS device, you should think about what will be the best fit, and only get the perfect one, spending much less than the previous option.


Now you know what is crucial when searching for the best GPS device for your needs. It doesn’t matter what you need it for, you should always have these things in mind when searching through the internet, or you in a store somewhere. Look for the best fit for you personally, and don’t mind the prices thinking they are the only thing showing who the best is.