Breaking News About Apple

There is a new program swiping the nation called the iPhoneDev. This program was created by Apple Inc. to allow iPhone and Android users to have the ability to create their own apps for their handheld devices. This program is really an extraordinary program to use. It gives you step by step instructions on how to choose your app wisely, create the app, test the app, and then if you are satisfied with the app you have created, you have the choice of selling the app in the Market Place of the iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and Android devices. And this is a plus, because it’s like Apple is giving you a chance to make money with them. And the games and programs you can make are amazing.

One of the most popular games in the Market Place of the devices right now is a game that was created by a little boy who is still in elementary school. They say his called the Million Dollar Kid, and his game in particular has been down loaded by other users over 500,000 times. And that’s sad when a young boy can make more money than the average adult by just taking the time to making one game and posting it on the Apple network without even knowing what he was doing. Isn’t that crazy? The name of the game he created is Bubble Ball. And I went to checked out the game myself and it’s a very easy game with simple instructions to follow.

You can create more than just games with this new Apple Program. You can create business apps for your job, movie apps for when you’re traveling and want to watch a movie on your phone, picture apps, and much more. It’s like have the power to create your own computer programs at your fingertips. I downloaded the program to my computer and I created an app that will allow me to only get the stock quotes of my interest sent to my phone with all the other advertisements. And not only did I create that app, I did another for my diabetes. So it’s not just something you use to create game and movie apps, you can also use it to create important apps for you to use on a daily base as well.

Why not take advantage of this offer? I did! And it has really been the best investment that I have made. It has helped me keep track of the important things in my life and it is fun to use. I didn’t know I could be so creative until I started using the Apple Developer. And just think about how much money you could make developing applications for Apple. We’re talking about a multi-billion dollar company here. So I’m quite sure that their apps will make a great profit, even if you don’t make the greatest app, it will more than likely sell because it’s Apple.