What You Can Potentially Expect From the Apple iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 is one of the most highly anticipated phones for the year, following quite the success that the Apple iPhone 4 had with consumers. However, no official news as to when the iPhone 5 will be made available has been released, although there have been speculations that the release date can be expected sometime in October 2011. In the same way that there have been no official news yet about the iPhone 5’s release, there have been no official word yet as to what consumers can expect out of the iPhone 4 successor. However, there have been speculations as well as to what features the iPhone 5 will be wowing the world with.

DesignWhen it comes to design, the new iPhone is expected to utilize a teardrop design that will make it lighter and slimmer than all the other iPhones before. Instead of a glass backing, the iPhone 5 is also expected to be fitted with an aluminum plate.

DisplayFour inches of edge-to-edge display is hopefully to be included in the iPhone 5, with a curved glass screen for more privacy when viewing content in public areas. The Quantum Dot LED system is expected to be in place, allowing the iPhone 5 to require less power while at the same time achieving quality at par with OLED screens.

ProcessorMany of the rivals to Apple’s iPhone supremacy have already come up with smartphones running on dual-core processors. It’s going to be counter-intuitive then for Apple to not do the same.

Camera upgradesA 5MP camera, while sad to admit, is starting to fade away so the Apple iPhone 5 will surely not have a 5MP camera. Rather, like the issue with dual-core processors, Apple will have to keep up with the competition by fitting the iPhone 5 with an 8MP camera. There are also rumors that Sony will now be providing Apple with cameras for the iPhone 5 so you can expect to enjoy really better picture quality, if that happens.

4G networkSince a lot of phones have already come up with support for 4G networks, the iPhone 5 is expected to do the same. However, a lot of tech experts are actually in agreement that the new iPhone will not be 4G-capable. Again, this will be counter-intuitive because everyone is doing it. While Apple has been known to set itself apart, it won’t make sense not to include 4G support for the iPhone 5.

The iCloudThe iPhone 5 has iTunes and so the iCloud service will truly come in handy for offering wireless remote access to music from various mobile devices and computers. Through the iCloud service, users will be able to store apps, photos, documents, and such without having to eat up memory from their phones.

The iOS 5The latest version of the iOS was announced during the WWDC keynote address. It is expected then that since it has already been announced that it will already be used in the upcoming iPhone 5. The new iOS is expected to have 200 new features, including improved messaging and notification systems, with new applications similar to iBooks.