What Differentiates The iPhone From the Smartphone?

Following the technological advances in our times, there have also been technological advances in the phones that we use. The information provided here is to help people distinguish clearly between iPhones and Smartphones. We will look at various differences that distinguish these two types of phones and similarities if any.

Smartphones came about as a resultant combination of PDAs and cell phones. Smartphones are actually supposed to be small computers which act as mobile phones at the same time. The iPhone is actually a smartphone. There are some features that are in the iPhone that are not found on normal Smartphones. Let us look at some of the distinguishing features.

Smartphones run on a wide variety of operating systems including Windows, Symbian, Android and Blackberry. On the other hand, the iPhone runs only on the iOS operating system. You cannot find this operating system on any other Smartphone. Some of the features that are found on the iOS are the use of folders, tethering and multitasking. The tethering feature can connect other devices to the iPhone so that the other devices can connect to the internet through the phone. It has been found out that the iOS can easily be ‘hacked’ into because the level of programming and customization is not as complex as other Smartphones.

Normal Smartphones come with unique applications that are specific to them and also specific to the brand which they are made from. On the other hand, the applications of the iPhone are got from Apple’s App store. The Apple app store usually has many applications that are specific to the iPhone. In order for someone to make an iPhone app, they have to use certain specific tools that work with the iOS. Smartphones normally don’t need specific tools for development of applications. Nevertheless, the iPhones App store has the largest number of applications compared to other Smartphones. One of the unique applications is the advanced video editing which is only found on Apple’s app store.

Generally, iPhones are more expensive than the normal Smartphones. One of the reasons behind this is because the first release of the Smartphones was the iPhone. This led to other companies being competitive and produced Smartphones that were cheaper than the iPhones. In general, most of the products that come from Apple, including the Macintosh, iPads, iPods and the rest, are quite expensive. The cost of operation and maintenance of the iPhone is generally higher than that of Smartphones.

The hardware that is used on iPhone is totally different from that one that is used on Smartphones. The iPhones have longer lasting batteries in terms of life span and also in terms of charge. The screen of the iPhone is much smaller than for other Smartphones. Smartphones have memory card slots if more storage is needed. iPhones come with built in storage of varying sizes.

These are just but some of the differences between iPhones and Smartphones.