Smartphone Android is a smartphone that can follow and obey what we want every day. Many people in the world who lull will sophisticated android smartphone that comes with features that are interesting and diverse.


Cheap does not mean cheap? The existing features on the phone are not inferior to smartphones that have more expensive prices such as Samsung or iPhone. Starting from the body design, camera, ram, processor, and features that are inside it looks very tempting to buy such a smartphone. However, we as ordinary mobile users of course still feel confused as to what a good android phone it, what only seen from the body only or seen from the existing hardware features diploid android. Overcome this let see some simple tips to choose a smartphone or tablet android a good and quality. Here are the tips.

Android That Has A Quality Cpu And Ram

Cpu or central processing unit, you probably know this is on a computer or laptop, but actually, a smartphone or tablet also has a CPU. Why is that? Because of the Android smartphone as well as laptops, the difference is only small and large. Smartphones also use the operating system and computers also use the operating system. To choose a good CPU hardware (for a smartphone) is usually dual-core CPU.

Ram or random access memory is an important hardware that you should look after choosing the CPU. Opening applications, playing games, editing content, writing messages, and other activities also require ram hardware. Slow or not an Android smartphone is usually caused due to small android ram. Good smartphone ram size is usually above 1 GB.

General Processing Unit

The general processing unit is a hardware that plays an important role in playing HD and 3d quality games. GPU is not scrub massage, but a graphics card that is the concern of gamers to choose the hardware specifications android smartphone. The higher the value of GPU then the better the graphical display of the game. Not only the game but when you watch HD quality video will also look clear and very detailed if the graphics card does have very good specifications.

Display Screen

Display android screen should also be a consideration when you want to buy a new smartphone. Starting from screen size, screen resolution, and screen sensitivity. Good screen technology for now at least must type IPS (in-plane switches) with a color combination of 16 million. In addition, choose a screen that has multitouch support. What is multitouch? Multitouch is a smartphone screen technology that can respond to touch with two or more fingers, this feature will make it easier for you to operate your android smartphone.

For screen size, you should choose according to your needs. If viewed directly it is a widescreen is much better than a small screen, but you need to know that the smartphone with a big screen certainly feels more difficult to operate because it has to use two hands. So you should choose a screen size that suits your needs and is very easy to put into the bag. Not so big and not so small.

Camera quality

By choosing an Android smartphone with good camera quality will certainly produce beautiful and impressive shots. For the rear camera choose a camera with a minimum size of 5 mp complete with flash. As for the front camera choose a camera with a minimum size of 1.5 or 3 mp. If you are a woman who likes to take pictures selfie ria may require a front camera equipped with flash features to produce shots that are more leverage than the others.

Battery capacity

Choosing a battery of android smartphone with a large capacity, of course, make the smartphone can last longer. For that choose a smartphone with a battery capacity of at least 2000 mah, and if you like and often play games choose a smartphone with a battery capacity of at least 3000 mah.

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Network and connectivity

For network problems, maybe all smartphones already have a 3g or HSDPA network. And if you have more money, you can choose a smartphone with the latest network is 4g LTE. For connectivity must already support wi-fi, Bluetooth, USB port, and headset.