A telephone system can be one of the most crucial parts of any business, as it streamlines the communication process and ensures employees can easily and quickly connect when working on a project or when support is needed. Business telephone systems now come with a vast array of features that make communication easier and provide a reliable way to connect staff members in a variety of departments. The following are the most sought after features in a business phone system.

Interoffice Paging

Whether it is used for a safety announcement or a general page to locate an employee, an interoffice paging system will allow staff members to announce something to every member of a company at one time. While instant messaging is a viable way to achieve this, paging allows a person to ensure their message is heard by every person in a building and can be extremely important during a natural disaster or when other safety issues occur.

Mobile Application

Many phone systems are now powered by the internet, and employees can be given access to their extension and voicemails through the use of a mobile application. In addition to allowing an employee to be connected to their work when it matters most, it can also be used as a backup if a company experiences a power outage or other issue that hampers productivity.

Auto Attendant

One of the most frustrating parts of calling a business is having to wait on hold or call back continuously due to a busy signal. An auto attendant alleviates this issue by greeting each caller with a recorded message that allows them to enter an extension or choose the department they need to contact. This can help streamline phone system traffic and allow a consumer to get to the right department without delay.

Before an organization updates their phone system, they should research the features available and ensure they choose a system that will incorporate those that can help streamline their day to day operations. The team at True Water IT can design the perfect business phone system, and provide top-notch service at an affordable price. Contact them today to learn more and take the first step in taking an outdated phone system into the 21st century.