Do you have a desire to build a technology-based business? Before starting to realize this desire, it helps you know these six important tips. What’s wrong?

Technology-Based Business Become a ‘trendsetter

Many young people lack courage and just go with the existing flow. The issue of the industrial era 4.0 is not only about big data, AI or robotics , the main challenge is daring to create solutions and dare to execute ideas.


One of the things that our education world is not prepared for is training soft skills to face real life. Whereas soft skills such as the ability to cooperate, collaborate, present and communicate ideas are very important and must continue to be improved so that work efficiency is achieved.


Young people today tend to give up easily so that what is done is often incomplete. Building a technology-based business is not a sprint race but a marathon that requires long-term stamina, patience, perseverance and persistence.

Idea Collaboration

Bringing STEM into business can be done by collaborating with ideas. Nowadays business cannot run without technology and vice versa technology cannot be sustainable without good business.

Broad spectrum

In Indonesia, growing businesses have a broad spectrum, ranging from technology business 4.0 to industry 1.0. There are many spice industries, cultures, crops such as coffee that also need to be developed scientifically and also business. We continue to pursue high-tech-based business for the future but also don’t forget to learn about traditional businesses.

Organizational ability

One of the things that we need to improve is organizational capability, because when we get big capital, many of us then stutter how to do organization scaling and organization excellent . There are still many young people who are not ready to raise and manage business units properly.

Now, it’s time for you to apply these six tips so that the technology-based business that you dream of can be achieved well!