Take a Stroll With Your iPhone and Earn Money With Gigwalk

Have you ever wished you could settle down in a coffee shop and actually get paid for it? How about sidle up to a cozy bar someplace nice, have a drink, and have money deposited in your PayPal account for doing so. Well now you can with the help of your iPhone and a little application developed by a San Francisco-based company called Gigwalk, Inc.

This small startup company is attempting to develop a nimble army of mobile field agents-called Gigwalkers-to document and map the hippest locations in Los Angeles, and they’re doing so with a little iPhone app they’ve developed called Gigwalk.

How can they do this? They pay people to take pictures and write reviews of cafes, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, local stores, local events, and more. Gigwalk Inc. is backed by a group of venture capitalists who are eager to invest money to build a database of cool places, compiled by a group of cool people.

Gigwalk pays up to $35 per review, but there are caveats. First, you have to own an iPhone. Second, you have to live in the Los Angeles area. Gigwalk is currently only available in Los Angeles. So, if you happen to have an iPhone, you happen to live in Los Angeles, and you happen to enjoy visiting cool places, then this app is for you. And there’s more good news; the download is free!

So, How Do You Make Money the Gigwalk iPhone App?

The app loads on your iPhone and displays your name on the top with a tally of how much money you’ve made to date and how much money is pending distribution to your PayPal account. Users report that payments are pushed to their PayPal account in approximately three days. A map shows a location in Los Angeles with red push pins on the map, which are locations that can be reviewed. Select a pin and the location name displays with a dollar value. You now have your mission. Your job is to visit the location, take pictures, and provide a review.

The app is intuitive to use and quite user friendly. It walks the user through taking photographs and submitting a review based on questions about the location. For instance, it may ask, “What type of Wifi service is available?” or “What meals do they serve?” A gauge at the bottom of the screen indicates how many tasks are left to complete the review. When complete, Gigwalk has captured pertinent information about the location, which it shares with others. In return, you get paid.

And it’s no wonder why this little app seems to pop up on numerous Top 5 and Top 10 Favorite iPhone Apps lists on the Internet. After all, who wouldn’t want to get paid for checking out cool places?