Mobile Enabled Websites – Why Businesses Need Them

Even now there a lot of businesses who do not have a web site to promote their services, products and expertise!

So now with advent of the mobile generation they are even further behind the times.

We see them everywhere; people walking down the street, on the train, on the bus and heaven knows where else.

Yes you’ve guessed it; they are using their mobile phone or Smartphone.

As soon as the mobile rings or makes a sound to say there is a message, the majority of us open our mobile phone to see who it is or what the message is.

There are more mobile phone users than there are people who use Google and Facebook put together and over 80% of the population in the UK have a mobile or Smartphone; this includes iPhone and iPad.

Over half of Smartphone users search for services in their local area whether it’s a restaurant, a takeaway or a service, these searches will in most cases result in a sale of some sort.

SMS messages are opened almost straight away, not like most emails which invariably end up in the delete folder.

Google says that more than 30% of all searches are now made on Smartphone and iPhone.

Taking all this into consideration a business owner without a mobile enabled website is missing a massive opportunity to increase sales and income.

When someone does a search using their mobile phone they are, in most cases, unable to view the website properly; the writing is too small to read so the potential customer leaves that website and searches until they find a site they can read easily – a mobile enabled website!

So without a mobile enabled website businesses are losing customers and income.

Try it now yourself and see if you can read the first website you find or even your own website. You will probably have to zoom in, move up and down and from left to right. Time consuming and annoying!

A mobile enabled website should be easy to navigate with easy to read menus or buttons, not too fussy and show you just what you need to know.

For instance a restaurant; to find the opening hours, a click-to-call link so you can dial their number with just one tap, also their location and directions and in most cases a menu. Especially takeaways so customers can view the menu with ease and call ahead to order ready for pickup.

If you already have a “normal” website a web designer can soon create a mobile enabled website and add a small bit of coding to your existing website that will automatically re-direct anyone browsing on a Smartphone to your mobile enabled website.

The potential is so vast, another longer article would be needed for me to try and cover every possibility of how businesses can take advantage of mobile phone technology. I hope you can see from this short article that you should be incorporating mobile and mobile websites into your marketing strategy.

Only a small minority of businesses use mobile enabled website as part of their marketing strategy. Get in now ahead of your competition!