iPhone 4S – Amazing iPhone With Amazing Features

The all new iPhone 4S has hit the stands. People were anticipating that after iPhone 4, Apple would release the iPhone 5. However, Apple had different plans. They have released the upgraded version of iPhone 4 – the iPhone 4S. Read on to know the features of this new device from Apple


Now you can use the iPhone as an intelligent assistant. All you need to do is talk to the Siri app on the phone as if you talk any person. You can simply ask ‘Where can I find the nearest ATM? ‘ or ‘Is there any petrol station around?’ Even though the app is in its beta stage it can easily understand whatever you tell the app. Siri can do many things for you. It can make calls, send text messages, and smartly schedule appointments and so on.

Dual-core A5 chip

The A5 chip lets your iPhone perform faster than even before. You can experience its quickness and responsiveness when you navigate through the phone, launch apps, play games and when you do just about anything on the phone. When it comes to graphics, you will be surprised to know that this iPhone is capable of hardcore gaming. Since the phone boasts a long lasting battery life, you can do multitasking or play games for longer duration.

Best camera

The all-new optics has got a 8 megapixel camera which boasts a larger aperture of f2.4. This allows you to take snaps that are even brighter and crisper than the snaps taken from the predecessor phone. Your photos will appear stunning whether you view it on your iPhone, PC or high definition television. One of the coolest features of this phone is that the camera is capable of take breathtaking photos in dim lighting conditions. The backside illumination technology is what lets you capture less saturated snaps with more details. Apart from this, you can always use the LED flash to lighten the subject.

Video recording at 1080p

Video recording at 1080p, this is what many diehard fans of iPhone were longing for. It is now possible on the Apple iPhone 4S. You can record topnotch videos with amazing clarity. Thanks to the video stabilization capability of the device, no one will be able to notice shakiness when you capture wonderful moments. You can also edit the recorded videos thing on the device itself. You can even share the videos with your friends or loved ones by uploading them on Facebook or other social networking sites.


Last but not the least, the all new iOS can be used on the Apple iPhone 4S. The notification center lets you preview all your alerts like missed calls, text messages, friend requests, etc. The iMessage lets you send and receive unlimited messages between all major Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod that have got iOS 5 on it. And we all know it very well that iOS is a platform for which you can find millions of apps.