iPhone 3G Insurance – Why You Shouldn’t Use Your High Street Provider

Did you know that the high street providers in the UK charge 15 pounds per month for comprehensive iPhone 3G insurance? I couldn’t believe it when they told me – in fact I almost walked out of the shop there and then. But the problem for me was that I lost my phone later that week without insurance and it cost me over A�600 to replace my beloved iPhone 3Gs.

Please, please don’t let this happen to you! Trust me, you don’t want to feel like I did after waking up after a night out with the boys and remembering when the cab drove off with my brand new iPhone on the back seat! What did I do that very next day after forking out the cash for a new phone? I jumped on the internet and tried my very best to find the best product on the internet, and covered my new iPhone quick smart. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

Let me share with you a few of my findings and loopholes discovered. I am a firm believer that my research will save you guys a bit of cash – in this day and age that cant be a bad thing!


1. Find the best independent insurance company and go with them – This is a big point which i have to make sure that everyone is clear on. You can save 50%+ on the high street providers price. Just make sure they cover you for everything which is required. Another important point to note is that they should have a 24hr replacement service and a product which allows you to cancel at anytime. There is no point being tied into a product which turns out to be not what you want!

2. Call your bank and ask them what your premium bank account can offer – If you don’t have a premium bank account, then ask what it takes to upgrade. You will be surprised at what the banks offer for free these days to get back some good will with the general public. Try Lloyds TSB premium account – these guys offer complimentary phone insurance as part of their package. Make sure though that you check how long it will take you to get a new phone, and how much they will cover you for. A new iPhone 3Gs will cost around A�600 as mentioned. Be prepared though to jump through hoops to get your money!

3. Check your Home contents insurance – Most home contents insurance packages will have a ‘personal belongings’ category and you will be covered if you lose them even when not at home. Interesting isn’t it? You can even add no claims bonus protection which was a huge advantage for me, as I hadn’t had a claim for a long time. Please note though that this option is only available for homeowners, and you will also be expected to jump through hoops!

So there you have it ladies and gentleman. Three fantastic money saving iPhone 3G insurance tips which will help you on your way.