Simple Termite Control Methods That Work

Termites can be such a nuisance. Other than making a place look dirty and unhygienic, they can also cause extensive damage. Building components that have been attacked by termites have to be replaced at a high financial cost. Getting rid of termites is simpler than many people imagine it to be. Some of these control measures you can even do on your own, although others will require professional assistance. Below are the simple but effective termite control methods.

A good place to start is by removing the things that attract termites to a place. Termites are attracted to broken and moist wood that can be easily consumed. To avoid attracting them, make sure that any damaged wood is repaired promptly. Ensure that any leaks on your premises are promptly repaired and avoid any unnecessary moisture accumulation. Things stored in the attic or the basement should be kept in plastic or metallic containers rather than cardboard boxes.

You can also control of termites using very simple and inexpensive natural techniques. Once you know the biology and physiology of termites; you can use this knowledge to control them. Termites can be killed by low temperatures, sunlight, water, and nematodes. In order to get temperatures that are low enough to kill termites, you can use liquid nitrogen. Exposing termites’ nests to sunlight or flooding will also get rid of them. These techniques are good for getting rid of small termite populations.

Termite baits have been proven to help control termite populations. Normally you will place the baits throughout the premises and use them to attract the hiding termites. The termites usually eat the bait and carry it to the nest which kills the entire nest. When buying the termite bait, choose the ones with the best reviews and a good track record. Consult an expert and buy the termite bait that they recommend.

Building a termite barrier is around your premises another simple way of controlling termites. A termite barrier is simply a trench of treated soil around your home. These chemicals may work by killing any termites or repelling them. The major benefit of this method is that the chemicals will offer protection for many years.

Finally, you can also try wood treatment as a termite control method. This techniques is simple as it involves the application of termiticides or other pesticides on all vulnerable wood. Most of the wood treatment chemicals are sold over the counter and can be applied without professional help. Consult a professional who can help you choose the right chemical and the right application method. The good thing about all these techniques is that they are affordable but effective.

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