The Importance of Visiting Your Ophthalmologist or Optometrist Before Using the Decorative Lenses You may have seen the crazy lenses around the time of Halloween with crazy colors and the lenses which look like cat eyes or vampire eyes. When you think of purchase such for special events, then you should know that the same regulations actually exist for such decorative lenses which are also called plano lenses or they are corrective lenses. The risks that are included with the use of such lenses on the eye are the same, whether the lenses are to correct the vision or not. So many individuals brush off the seriousness of such potential dangers of the non-corrective lenses. Some excuses would be that they are just wearing such occasionally or that they are not really contact lenses. Thought they are not used that often, the right care procedures need to be followed in order to avoid such serious problems and infections. You must also have the right prescription that is quite important. It costs some cash to make such appointment with the eye doctor to be able to get that prescription. When you have your heart set on using those funky lenses, then you should take the right steps to be able to protect your eyes though it would cost a little more than you actually planned. You should know that your eyes are really precious and you must make sure that you treat them as such. If the cost would look really high, then you must change your plans and you must add something different to your costume instead of using the lenses.
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You must remember that the prescription is really necessary and the contacts need to be bought from the establishments that you can depend on. If you find a source selling plano contacts without asking for a prescription from the eye specialist, then you should not go for such because the seller is not following the regulations and one is not acting properly.
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Well, you must not get scared with the use of the decorative lenses. There are so many of those who make use of the contacts everyday. However, it is very important that you would see your ophthalmologist or the optometrist so that you can be safe than sorry. Through the right fitting from a good eye doctor and being able to know the important steps in cleaning and care, then the risks from using the decorative lenses would become minimal. It is very important that you look for the right eye doctor that you could approach when you like to wear that decorative lenses. There can be a lot of options that you can find online and it would be much easier that you get some referrals from people that you trust.