If you are looking for a career where you will always be able to find work and you will love what you do, you should consider becoming an electrical contractor. This job will have you making good money each year and will give you the opportunity to have the career that you have desired. Many people have made good money by becoming an electrical contractor.

What is an electrical contractor?

An electrical contractor is a person that works on the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical work. Some of these contractors work for commercial installations while others do residential. Which one you choose, is totally up to you. Electrical contractors should go through four years of schooling as well as hands-on work as an apprentice when they first start working. Electricians must do safety courses to make sure that they are aware of the dangers of electricity and know how to protect themselves from electric shock.


Generally, an electrical contractor will need to go through four years of college and pass an exam at the end of the course. This is to ensure that they know everything there is to know about electrical systems, both commercial and residential. Schooling will need to be done by an approved college. Most colleges offer convenient courses that will happen at the hours that you need them to. Financial aid is available for those who cannot afford the classes. However, in many cases, electricians can sign on as an apprentice with a company and be able to work and pay their own way through college. To find a college in your area that offers electrical contractor license extension denver co, call the college in your area and see what they offer. In some cases, colleges will offer online courses that will allow you to work on your education when you can. This will allow you to get your degree and work at the same time.


An apprenticeship is a good way to get experience in the electrical field and make money as well. As an apprentice, you will learn the ends and outs of electrical work by an experienced electrician. You will not make as much as a full electrician does, but you will be able to make some money that can go to paying for your education and other things. While book learning is great, being an apprentice will give you hands-on experience and help you to get experience working with the actual wiring. You will be taught proper safety and be taught how to do everything. In no time, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about electrical work.

If you are looking for a career where you can be successful and even own your own business, check into becoming an electrical contractor. You will greatly benefit from your education and be able to work anywhere in the world that you want. Many people have traveled the world as an electrical contractor, helping to repair electricity all over the world.