Common Mistakes to Avoid During iPhone App Development

In recent years, Apple iPhone’s unbeatable popularity and success geared up the iPhone Application Development in the world of mobile technology. It has changed the way smart phone users behave. Such immense fan following brings lots of responsibilities to the iPhone App Developers to deliver high quality apps, which can be source of entertainment for them.

Requirements and expectations are on its peak for iPhone apps, which cause many novice iPhone Application Developers to get stressed while developing their iPhone apps. This result into failure of the apps due to some silly mistakes they made during development of app. So, let’s get into deep for the factors or mistakes which should be avoided by iPhone app developers during iPhone App Development.

• Don’t be anxious! It generally happens with young blood coming into iPhone development. They never think from the user’s point of view and include everything which they know about iPhone programming, which at the end leads complicated and not so usable iPhone App. Always try to be simple and focus only on things which are required for the app.

• Don’t try to start from scratch! Many developers often develop UI elements from scratch, this consumes lot of time. Apple iPhone SDK come up with complete set of built-in buttons, sidebars, dialog etc. so try to get leverage from iPhone SDK itself rather going for custom UI elements.

• Fails to deal with resolution! It is crucial and vital to keep in mind the resolution or screen size of iPhone while developing any application for it. Many developers incorporate huge image files or video within their app without considering the screen resolution, which at the end reduce the performance of the app.

• Never considering any HD graphical contents! Developers often forget basic features of iPhone like retina display and all; in fact many novice developers don’t really know that iPhone gives best results in HD graphical contents. So, try to avoid such mistakes and always include some HD graphical contents to make your app stunning.

• In order to make their app attractive and eye catchy, developers take help of animation. But, it creates issue when they overuse it. It will increase your app overall size and bring down the performance of the app. So, always use animation wisely.

So, above we see some very common mistakes or factors which iPhone Application Developers should avoid during their first iPhone app development process.