There’s a lot more to starting up a gas station than finding a vacant property and stocking up on gasoline tanks: each step requires careful forethought and planning. Here are the top considerations you should make when putting your station together.

Decide Where to Set Up Shop

The most lucrative locations for gas stations, of course, have large amounts of traffic, especially during peak hours. Study the area and discover which roads are the most frequented. If you’re still not sure, ask the locals, or use consult traffic tracking web sites and apps.

Get it Made the Quality Way

The best way to avoid problems down the line is a strong foundation from the start. Get an architect who’s licensed, well-rated and preferably specializes in gas station construction. A good one may even help you shave costs when the station’s actually being built.

Know What You’re Making Ahead of Time

Additions late in the game (e.g. a convenience store to go along with your station) are likely to make the construction process much more expensive. Decide as early as possible what your station will provide and tell your architect during the design phase.

Stock Up

Figure out everything your gas station needs, from tanks and spare parts to snacks, and make an inventory. For gas station stores, look up lists of the most sold items to ensure you have what your customers will want.

Plan Your Marketing

Once your gas station’s up and running, you’re going to want to know how to bring people to it. Start thinking early about how to lure in visitors and create repeat customers. If your station has a convenience store, try offering special discounts and include rewards programs that can save your faithful clients money on both your products and gas services. You can even create an emailing list that offers exclusive promotions to subscribers. And don’t forget the always-alluring appeal of lottery tickets…

Follow these tips for a gas station that’s long-lived and always be rarin’ to go.