Apple iPhone Review


The first iPhone was released on to the market in 2007 and now almost everyone worldwide has heard about the phone. The iPhone is not only made by a reputable company – Apple – it was also a completely innovative idea, an idea which took the world by storm. The advertising methods used by Apple before the iPhone’s release led it to being one of the most talked about pieces of technology that had ever been created.

What is the iPhone?

For those of you who somehow don’t know, the iPhone is more than just a phone. This handheld device does all of the normal things that a phone can do with some others besides. Additional extras include games, applications, spell checkers, the ability to surf the internet and the ability to listen to music and watch videos. The iPhone is able to be set up to the user’s individual requirements and it has been said that there is an iPhone application for everyone!

Battery Life

Many people love the iPhone due to the software used. It really does work like a computer but looks and feels more like the stylish iPod touch. The battery on an iPhone cannot be removed – which has caused some controversy with people who are unable to use their phone once the battery has taken its last steps. The battery does however last for an average of six hours with wi-fi usage, five hours on talk, twenty-four hours with music, and five hours with video. This is not as long as some phones but what do you expect with all the features that the phone contains.


Before Apple released the first version of the iPhone they marketed it purely for young men. The original phone had a hefty price tag of around $499, so whilst teenagers may have wanted to purchase the iPhone, the main customers were businessmen. When Apple released the iPhone 3G they realised their mistakes with the original phone and also decreased the price to $299 on the 3G network. This price was more realistic and resulted in a high influx of people buying the model. With the new applications available this time round, the phone was marketed to a wider audience and women, as well as men were purchasing the phones.


There is a lot to be said about the Apple iPhone, much more than can be said in a small article. Although the iPhone has faced problems it is fair to say that it has come through these triumphantly. The iPhone truly was a completely new and innovative design, and for the huge steps forward in technology that were achieved, it’s fair to say that Apple exceeded in doing a fantastic job.