Zombies, Run! – Best iPhone Fitness App Review

After exercise my second best hobby is technology. So you can imagine how excited I am when I find something that combines both.

One thing that is so important when working out is that you are having fun. It has been proven that working out, whether weights or running, lowers stress levels and relaxes you, so why not make it fun as well so that you get the full package?

This all comes about from a new product that I stumbled upon the other day. No, its not a new channel on the Treadmill, it is an app for ios and Android. It is one that will get you out running on the streets and in a fun twist you will be a part of the game. The game is called Zombies, Run! Do not judge a book by its cover, this is no kids’ game.

The game sets the scene as if are a survivor of the Zombie Apocalypse and you are part of a rebuilding civilisation and are sent out on missions, thus find yourself on the run from the drooling hordes, so you can see how it could work with motivation. And believe me, it DOES work, the sound effects are astonishing, at certain points you hear the moans of the undead getting louder in your headphones and you will soon find yourself picking up the pace. However, the game is much deeper than that, broken up into ‘missions’ with radio transmissions providing the back-story. So you have been on the run and collected the medicine, now you are back home and who deserves it the most? What needs to be built next? The more you play the more missions and runs are unlocked in order to keep the story progressing and you out on the road.

Through all of the missions and gaming elements there are sound physical benefits to this app, such as the ‘Zombie Chases’ mode that is essentially interval training but with zombie hordes dictating the speed, which may sound like a gimmick but if you let yourself be immersed then you will get your heart rate up and be sprinting longer than you thought you could in a few sessions.

Overall this is a fantastic little app and if you are lacking motivation when it comes to road running (also works on Treadmills ) then you should really check this out and it will have you up and running for your life in no time!